THE KNIGHTSBRIDGE ESTATE PRESENTS ‘OF MYTH AND LEGEND’ A Photographic Installation by the Artist Àsìkò

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The Knightsbridge Estate has unveiled a large-scale photographic installation entitled ‘Of Myth and Legend’ at the top of Sloane Street, SW1 on the development. The Estate commissioned the series of portraits from the renowned British Nigerian photographic artist Àsìkò to mark the completion of seven brand-new flagship stores built behind restored façades. Framed by vast windows, the nine super-sized portraits sit at pavement level, with further images occupying the upper windows.


Collaborating with MTArt Agency to bring Àsìkò’s work to The Knightsbridge Estate, ‘Of Myth and Legend’ draws its inspiration from the stories of deities from the multicultural communities of London. Through the work, Asiko explores shared heritages of African and other cultures to create new narrative blends of mythological deities.  The series is composed of fashion photographic imagery and collage symbolism as an interpretation of diasporic ideology using deity iconography. The work explores the connections or shared stories, highlighting we have more in common than we think, and our connections loom deeper through the ages.


Àsìkò’s deep interest in how cultures visually express themselves has led him to present his work in various exhibitions and enter art collections such as the Artemizia Foundation to great acclaim. 

Commenting on his latest art installation on The Knightsbridge Estate, Àsìkò said: “When I was young I was inspired by the stories of the heroes and mythology of my Yoruba culture. These cultural icons form the inspiration for ‘Of Myth and Legend’, which explores the legends of the Orisha through new interpretations of the diaspora narrative. 

“From German to Indian, African and Asian, the palette of London is wide and vast, a melting point of ethnicities and backgrounds. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity by The Knightsbridge Estate to show this new body of work in such a prestigious and prominent address.